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Top Best Food For Betta Fish

on this occasion I will share the best food for your Betta fish, there is a lot of good live food for your Betta fish. Such as silkworms, artemia, to pellets. But again, live animals will be healthy if their food is live food, water fleas for betta fish and mosquito larvae are the best food. However, these foods are hard to find, for our Betta fish.

The following are the top betta fish foods in my opinion.

1. Mosquito larvae

Best Food For Betta Fish

Mosquito larvae are usually found in puddles that have not been removed for a long time, the mosquitoes will lay their eggs in the pool and start to appear mosquito larvae. This food is, unfortunately, suitable for adult bettas so that they grow quickly and have a good color, the mutation process of the plaque and koi bettas will be faster if they consume mosquito larvae.

2. Daphnia for Betta Fish / Water Fleas

food betta fish daphnia

Daphnia / Water Fleas is the best feed for betta fish from childhood to bettas who have entered the age of 3 months to more, this feed greatly accelerates the mutation process of koi betta types. Besides having good nutrition for Betta fish, Water Fleas is easiest to find in Indonesia because it has a lot of rice fields and also often in stagnant water. Maybe if you are in another country, Water Fleas has been searched for. but currently the best betta feed is Water Fleas

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