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Multicolor Koi Betta & Hellboy Betta Fish

Hellboy Betta Fish

The hellboy betta is a hickey that has a red color, based on a beautiful color, this hickey is called a hellboy. In addition, the Hellboy Plaque Betta is in great demand by people to be maintained and reproduced.

bettafish hellboy, cupang warna merah

Hellboy itself is taken from a character's name in the film, because this hickey has a red color, people call it Hellboy.

Next there is the multicolor koi betta, which comes in lots of interesting colors like blue red and white, but there are several types of koi betta that have a yellow base. Betta fish prices are rising and selling quite expensive.

cupang koi multicolor terbaik

The picture above is a female koi multicolor betta.

betta fish koi multicolor

Raising a multicolor koi betta requires waiting for the mutation to complete, as the color of the celo will disappear on its own.

betta fish koi multicolor

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